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Published Date Written by Lee Hodges KC8ITI



As Amended March 1, 2001.


We, the undersigned, hereby adopt the following By-Laws governing the conduct of this organization.




1.  The name of this corporation shall be the Midland Amateur Radio Club, Incorporated.  The purposes of the corporation are set forth in the Article of Incorporation.




1. The objectives of the Corporation shall be:


     a.  To provide communications support for public service activities.


     b.  To provide emergency communications under the auspices of the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services and the Amateur Radio Emergency Services.


     c.  To conduct instructional courses designed to prepare individuals to qualify for Amateur Radio licenses.


     d.  To educate the public on amateur radio use by conducting forums and demonstrations.


     e.  Such other purposes as are stated in the Articles of Incorporation.




1.  Anyone who professes interest in Amateur Radio Communications, experimentation, development or design may become a member of this organization.


2. There shall be four (4) classes of membership as follows:


     a.  LIFE MEMBER: As voted upon by club membership at a regular or special meeting the same privileges as a Full Member


     b.  FULL MEMBER:  Members in good standing holding a valid Amateur Radio Operator and Station License of any class.


     c.  ASSOCIATE MEMBER: Members in good standing not holding any class of Amateur Radio Operator License.  An Associate Member, who receives his/her Amateur Radio Operator license while an Associate Member, shall be automatically raised to the status of a Full Member.


     d. HONORARY MEMBER: As voted upon by club membership at a regular or special meeting.


3. Membership privileges shall be as follows:


     a.  Membership in good standing constitutes payment of dues and validity of license where it applies.  Life Members are not required to pay annual dues to remain in good standing.


     b.  Life and Full Members shall have a voice on the floor, the right to vote and may hold an elective office.  Members holding the Technician Class or higher and have been a member of MARC for a minimum of 12 months may hold the office of president.


     c.  Associate Members shall have a voice on the floor, but cannot vote or hold office.  They may, however, be appoint to serve on committees.


     d. Members in good standing who enter the service of the United States Armed Forces shall have their membership automatically extended to expire when their service expires.


     e.  Honorary Members are those persons who are recognized for their contributions to Amateur Radio with the length of membership determined at the time of voting, with the same privileges as an Associate Member.




1.  Nominations and Elections for the four (4) elective offices shall take place each September.  Elections shall take place by secret ballot.  Special elections may be held to replace officer(s) with prior notification to the membership as provided for in these By-Laws.  Persons nominated must give their approval.


2.  The voting on an amendment to these By-Laws may be conducted only if the amendment has been fully discussed at a previous meeting, authorized by a motion passed on the floor, and published in the Club Newsletter preceding the meeting on which it is to be voted upon.  A new amendment shall become effective upon passing.


3. All members in good standing shall be notified by mail (and/or electronically) of all special and regular meetings and their nature not less than five (5) days nor more than fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting at which there is conducted a regular election; a special election for replacement or removal of officer(s); or the voting on an amendment to these By-Laws.


4. All members have the option to receive communications via electronically if they provide written request of this option.  All communications will be made via standard mail unless the member has confirmed this option.




1.  There shall be four (4) elective offices as follows: (A) President; (B) Vice-President; (C) Secretary; and (D) Treasurer.


2.  The terms of all elective officers shall begin on the first day of October and end on the last day of September, twelve (12) months later.


3.  The President shall preside at all meetings; see that work of all other officers is properly and timely done; serve as chairman of the executive committee; appoint temporary officers when necessary to serve until a special election can be held; appoint committees, etc.  He shall vote only in case of a tie. 


4.  The Vice-President shall substitute for the President when necessary; be responsible for selection and promotion of a suitable program for each meeting, in coordination with the Publicity Committee and other Club officers.


5.  The Secretary shall make an accurate record of the proceeding at each club meeting; read the minutes thereof to the assembled Club when directed to do so by the President and to make authorized correction of said minutes; be custodian of the records, and other documents of the organization except those specifically assigned to others; be the official Club correspondent; be the custodian of committee proceedings; meeting attendance; properly notify all members by mail (or electronically as provided for in ARTICLE  IV (4)) of all regular and special meeting as provided for in Article IV (3).


6.  The Treasurer shall handle all money and keep a record of all money transactions; maintain records of Club membership, receive dues; issue receipts for dues paid; and pay out funds only on the order of this organization.


7.  Officers and chairman of committees shall have a working knowledge of these By-Laws, and the Constitution, when presiding at any meeting.




1.  Membership dues shall be $20.00 per year for individual membership.  A family membership may be acquired for an additional $5.00 per year.  All family members of MARC Life Memberships are eligible for membership for $5.00 per year.  A family membership is limited to those residing at the same mailing address.  The family shall have the option of having one copy of the newsletter mailed to their address or receive an e-mail providing a link to the Internet newsletter copy as directed by the membership.


2.       There shall be at least one meeting per month, unless otherwise voted upon by the Club membership at a previous month’s meeting, or cancelled due to severe weather.





1.  The Resident Agent shall maintain the annual report to the state of Michigan; filing said report by September 25th of each year; insure this organization fulfills the requirement of Incorporation in the State of Michigan as a non-profit organization.


2.  The Resident Agent is appointed by action of the Executive Committee.






     a.  The club Station (W8KEA) Trustee shall be appointed by action of the Executive Committee and shall remain as such until relieved by action of the Executive Committee.


     b.  The Club Station (W8KEA) Trustee shall insure that all requirements of the Federal Communications Commission are met whenever the Club Station and/or its call sign are used in any Club sponsored event.




     a.  Additional Club Station Licenses (Emergency Services stations, etc) will be required, as deemed necessary and appropriate, by action and approval of the Executive Committee.


     b. The Additional Club Station Trustees shall be appointed by action of the Executive Committee and shall remain as such until relieved by action of the Executive Committee.


     c.  Trustees for Additional Club Station Licenses shall insure that all requirements of the Federal Communications Commission are met whenever the Additional Club Station and/or its call sign are used in any event.




1.  The Executive Committee shall be composed of the following: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Resident Agent, and Club Station (W8KEA) Trustee.


2.  The Executive Committee shall meet at least twice per calendar year and discuss the general status of this organization; reorganize committees where necessary; provide  guidance for the general membership as a whole; suggest plans for future improvements of the status of Amateur Radio in the eyes of the General Public.  All Executive Committee meetings shall be open to the General Membership.  Minutes of the Executive Committee meeting should be published in the next Newsletter.  The meeting schedule of the Executive Committee is to be at least once during the first three months following elections and at least once during the last three months prior to the September elections.




1.  The members of the Corporation shall not be liable for the debts or obligations of the Corporation.  No officers shall receive any compensation for services rendered to the Corporation.




1.  In the event of the dissolution or winding up of the corporation in any manner or for any reason whatsoever, its remaining assets, if any, after payment of or provisions for all liabilities of the corporation, shall be distributed as provided in the Articles of Incorporation.


Adopted November 12th, 1970 to become effective on January 1st, 1971.


WB8BRI     W8QOI       K8NIE        WA8ZZC    W8AGQ WA8ZPU

WA8ZPV    W8JDW      WN8EDF   W8JIU        K8HGA


Revised November 1, 1978

Revised December6, 1979

Revised July 11, 1991

Revised March 3, 1994

Revised September 4, 1996

Revised September 2, 1999 Article VI, Article VIII, Article IX.

Revised February 1, 2001 Articles III, IV, V, and VI plus several formatting changes.


Lee Hodges, KC8ITI                         Bill French, AB8JF

President                                           Vice-President


Mary Branson, KB8QYB                 Larry Macklin, N8CGP

Secretary                                           Treasurer


By-Laws of the Midland Amateur Radio Club, Inc. as amended 03/01/01

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